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Barking Hot was secretly founded in 1983, and has been providing secretive dog training to their puppies ever since. Not being a real company, Jonathan was simply born in 1983. He grew up with dogs, and because interested in their training, after living with an “obedience sport” German Shepherd. Everything was learned by watching an instructor, or following a guide.

Most of the stuff didn’t work long term, as the dogs would only perform for their master while they were present, and instead would misbehave when unsupervised. That was when he went on a mission, to find out what the best dog training techniques were available, while being easily understood by dog owners everywhere.

This website was created, as a result of years of looking for the best techniques and information, and serves as a resource to all who are looking for ways to correct specific issues their dogs are presenting, such as:

Potty Training
Food Bowl Aggression
And many more issues that can develop…